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I understand that your journey to wellness is as individual as you are.

During your complimentary initial consultation, we’ll discuss your unique aspirations and challenges within a nurturing space. We’ll also delve into your story, focusing on a holistic understanding of your needs.

I firmly believe in creating sustainable change and not just offering quick fixes. I’m committed to crafting a personalised pathway that supports deep, lasting transformation. In collaboration with you, I’ll design a comprehensive strategy to address your goals, ensuring your wellness journey is set on solid foundations.

Ready to embark on the path to greater well-being, health and happiness? Reach out to book your free consultation. Together, we’ll create your tailored plan for lasting empowerment.

As you consider taking this first step, you probably have questions. I’ll include some common questions and answers below.

If you have further queries, please get in touch – I’m here to help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Overview of Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy is a goal-oriented therapy that involves a trained hypnotherapist guiding the client into a state of hypnosis to access the subconscious mind and make positive changes.

Hypnotherapy guides you into a relaxed, focused state similar to daydreaming. You remain aware and in control but may experience heightened focus and concentration. The hypnotherapist uses this state to make positive suggestions aligned with your goals.

Hypnotherapy can help with a wide range of issues, including:

  • Managing anxiety, stress, and depression
  • Building confidence and self-esteem
  • Changing unwanted habits and behaviours, e.g. quitting smoking, vaping, alcohol or improving eating habits to promote weight loss
  • Overcoming phobias and fears
  • Improving sleep, focus, and performance
  • Managing pain
  • Releasing trauma

Yes, hypnotherapy is a safe, non-invasive practice when facilitated by a qualified professional. You remain aware and in control throughout.

Our Hypnotherapy Services

Your hypnotherapy sessions include complementary coaching. This enables you to integrate hypnotherapy’s subconscious changes consciously into your daily life.

  • Free initial consultation: 30 minutes
  • First consultation: 90 minutes
  • Subsequent sessions: 45-60 minutes

I recommend that you set aside some free time post-session for reflection and to maintain your state of relaxation.

The number of sessions needed varies by individual goals and needs. I’ll assess this during your initial consultation.

Yes, your privacy is paramount. All sessions are confidential.

My practice is only online, serving clients across Australia and New Zealand via Zoom.

Preparing for Your Coaching Consultation or Hypnotherapy


  • Dress comfortably
  • Position your camera to show your upper body
  • Use headphones for clarity and privacy
  • Find a quiet, cosy space free from interruptions
  • Refrain from alcohol, recreational drugs, or mind-altering substances beforehand

I’ll guide you into a relaxed, focused state. Your mind may wander, but you’ll stay in control of your thoughts and actions throughout the session.

Effectiveness and Results

The time frame varies by individual and goal. Some people experience significant progress after the first session, while others require more time and sessions. Your commitment to the process is the key to success.

Techniques like Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Timeline Therapy™ and Life Coaching offer new, dynamic approaches that may succeed where others haven’t.

You may notice improved focus, outlook, confidence, control over actions, and ability to manage emotions. Feedback during sessions will also help gauge impact.

Qualifications and Approach

I have certifications in hypnotherapy, NLP, timeline therapy, life coaching, and more. I’m also a member of the International Institute for Complementary Therapists (IICT), and maintain professional indemnity insurance.

I integrate techniques like NLP, timeline therapy, neuroscience, and life coaching into my hypnotherapy practice for a tailored, evidence-based approach.

I offer coaching and hypnotherapy services exclusively online through Zoom. This approach enables me to efficiently serve clients throughout Australia and New Zealand, eliminating the need for travel. Additionally, conducting sessions in a familiar environment encourages clients to take an active role in their personal transformation, which significantly enhances the effectiveness of the therapy.

Making Our Services Accessible

Yes. Flexible payment plans are available to align with your financial situation. [Contact us] to discuss options.

I’m happy to offer a limited number of pro bono sessions each year. To apply, email us at info(at) with ‘Pro Bono Application’ in the subject line.

NDIS coverage varies by plan. Contact your plan manager regarding eligibility. Payment is required upfront, and then you can apply for rebates.

My services are not covered by Medicare or private health insurance. Contact your provider regarding potential future coverage.

I hope these FAQs help you understand more about my coaching and hypnotherapy services. Please contact us to learn more or book a free initial consultation.

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