Speaker Profile

Nirelle Bennett – Coach and Hypnotherapist

Transform Your Life Through the Power of Your Mind

Nirelle Bennett is a certified transformational coach, hypnotherapist, and motivational keynote speaker. After 25 years climbing the corporate ladder, Nirelle made a purposeful shift to focus on helping others create meaningful, lasting change.

Now based in Gippsland, Nirelle launched Gippsland Hypnotherapy in 2023 to provide personalised hypnotherapy and coaching services.


Nirelle specialises in…

Overcoming trauma and anxiety
Boosting self-confidence
Achieving work/life balance
Cultivating emotional well-being
Unlocking career and financial growth

Nirelle has a unique blend of street smarts, lived experience and business savvy. And when combined with her coaching psychology and deep hypnotherapy mastery, it’s easy to see why she stands out.

She works closely with clients to reprogram their subconscious minds, overcome limiting beliefs, and design action plans that turn aspirations into reality.

Nirelle is a frequent keynote speaker at conferences, workshops, and community events. She’s presented on a range of topics, including:

  • Harnessing the Power of Self-Hypnosis
  • Curing Imposter Syndrome
  • Mindset Shifts for Financial Abundance
  • Therapeutic Journaling for Self-Discovery
  • Practical Applications of AI for Small Businesses

Her warm, engaging style and insightful techniques empower audiences to expand their potential.

“Nirelle made me feel like anything is possible if I access the power of my inner mind,”

When she’s not inspiring change in others, you can find Nirelle spending quality time with family, outdoors – swimming or running, tending to her veggie patch, or walking her Doberman. She also enjoys community involvement through OzChild youth mentoring and local networking groups.

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  • Hypnotherapy
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  • TimeLine Therapy ®
  • NLP Coaching
  • Life Coaching
  • Imposter Syndrome 1st Aider
  • Meditation
  • Master Coach (in training)

Values and Philosophy


Supportive: Making big changes can be daunting. But I’m here to support my clients through their transformation.

Flexible: Life gets in the way, and things change. I work with clients to ensure my programs deliver the results they want.

Encouraging: No one wants their client to succeed more than me. Throughout the process, I invite my clients to think of me as their personal cheerleader, supporting them to make meaningful, lasting change.

Compassionate: The idea of changing your life might seem daunting. But I’m beside my clients, providing encouragement, guidance and support to make their transformation less overwhelming.

Trustworthy: My clients trust me with their personal information and stories. These might be stories that have never been told before, and they can trust me always to maintain the strictest confidentiality.

Awards, Memberships and Accreditations

Engaging with Nirelle

Understanding the uniqueness of each event and organisation, Nirelle encourages direct contact to tailor her expertise to your specific requirements.

With a keen eye for detail and a heart for understanding, she’s dedicated to ensuring her contribution perfectly aligns with your event’s ethos and objectives.

Flexible Engagement Terms

Acknowledging the varied nature of events, Nirelle’s fees, including presentation rates and travel allowances, are customised upon the request of the booking date.

Committed to community enrichment, she engages with non-profit organisations at specially negotiated fees, reflecting her dedication to accessible, impactful collaboration.