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Do you know why diets don’t work?

Because most diets focus on the wrong thing!

Science has proven that 95% of diets fail, and most people regain the weight they’ve lost (and more) within the first 12 months. This is because they generally focus only on eating less and moving more, yet fail to target the critically important emotional, addictive (sugar) and habitual reasons for weight gain.

Welcome to a unique and practical approach to achieving Effortless Natural Weight Control through Hypnosis by harnessing the power of your unconscious mind.

It’s effective because it doesn’t rely on creating a massive calorie deficit that leaves you starving or requires hours of strenuous physical exercise to get results. Even if you feel you’ve tried everything – diet pills, excessive dieting and exercise or slogging it out in the gym.

Reaching and maintaining a healthy weight is deceptively simple and feels easy, effortless, and enjoyable too!

The Effortless Natural Weight Control program uses a unique blend of hypnosis, mindset coaching, neuroscience and mindfulness techniques to recreate your relationship with food, overcome limiting beliefs and replace unconscious negative behavioural patterns that hinder weight loss.

This series of hypnotic audios is specifically designed to help you increase motivation to achieve a healthy weight while feeling confident and empowered.

Reprogram your mind to:

  • Establish a healthy relationship with food
  • Make healthier food choices and control portion sizes
  • Release any reliance on caffeine, alcohol, sugary and salty foods
  • Maintain a regular exercise routine that works for you
  • Support the endocrine system by improving sleep and reducing stress levels
  • Increase overall health, happiness and resilience as unwanted kilos are released until your ideal weight is achieved

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